The Motorman Artwork

Art by myself and others from the universe of The Motorman.
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 Flag of Nineva

Flag of the United States of Columbia

A map of Nineva and the United States.


A couple O' Doorworms, the second of whom, Gauss, happens to appear in the story, and is also the mascot for my website.

A pair of badges, one of Artemis' employer, the Fregberg Corporation Tramway, and the other of... some other railway.

Here's the main character, Artemis! He's just a regular dude walking to work! We love you Artemis, and thank you Maniac for creating this art for me!

Who is this adorable little girl? Why does she have Artemis' hat? Where is she trying to drag Artemis off to? The answers to come when The Motorman hits store shelves! Art by Maniac!

Artemis and Orville as depicted in awesome olde timey phtotograph style by Maniac. Thanks Maniac! :D

Just who is Orville? He comes in later in the story, so you'll meet him and his Doorworm when the novel is published.

Here is Llewelyn and his Doorworm, Gelert, as depicted by Icarus, having a good old time.
This may be slightly out of place here since these guys don't actually appear in The Motorman at all,
but it captured perfectly the image I had of the relationship between Doorworms and their hosts so I had to include it.

Thanks Icarus! :D

Everyone check out Icarus' webcomic! :o

Here's Taylor and Gauss playing paddleball! These two show up further into the story than I will ever put online, so you'll meet them in the finished novel. :D By Maniac, thank you girl! :D

Someone just knocked on Taylor's door at some absurdly late hour and now she has to get up and answer it.

It's Orville sulking in the rain as his much less sulky doorworm, Sulla, holds his umbrella for him. Thanks for this Icarus!

An unnamed Lunarian stationmaster who appears in a single chapter about midway through the story. Eating ice cream with his Doorworm. Art by Icarus!

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